Paper Tape for Joint Reinforcement and Sealing

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Handled easily, with its high strength and water tolerant, is widely used in joint treatment of gypsum and cement board, or wall comer treatment. It is also suitable to be used in crack and distortion protection.

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● High Strength & Water Tolerant.

● Suitable Used In Wet Circumstance, Protect Crack & Cistortion.

● Easy To Cut By Hands.

● Symmetrical Eyelet Avoid Frothy For Rudimental Air.

Paper Tape-1
Paper Tape
Item Unit Index
Weight g/m2 130±5g ; 145±5g
Tear strength≥(Horizontal/Vertical) g/m2 9/10
Thickness mm 0.216-0.239
Burst Strength KPA 176
Tensile strength after dipping water≥(Horizontal/Vertical) KN/m 1.2/0.7

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