Drywall Joint Tape for Seamless and Durable Finishing

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Drywall Jonit Tape is a kind of weaving fiberglass fabric, which made from E/C glass yam. Coated with alkali resistant agent and glue,it has ranges of benefits—high sicky, excellent high sticky and strength corrosion resistance, etc. This product has been mainly used in joint treatment of gypsum and cement board.

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● Excellent Self- adhesive, High Deformed Resistant.

● High Alkaline Resistance, High Tensile Strength.

● Excellent Fitness, Easy Operation.

Spec Density Treated Fabric Weight g/m2 Construction Type of Yarn
Warp/2.5cm Weft/2.5cm
CNT65-9×9 9 9 65 Leno E/C
CNT75-9×9 9 9 75 Leno E/C
CNT75-20×10 20 10 75 Leno E/C
CNT110-6×6 6 6 110 Leno E/C
CNT110-9×9 9 9 110 Leno E/C
EV-60 Fiberglass veil 60 Nonwoven E
Fiberglass Joint Tape (3)
Fiberglass Joint Tape (1)
Fiberglass Joint Tape (2)

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  • Drywall joint tape is a fiberglass mesh tape that is self-adhesive and easy to apply. It is specifically designed for finishing drywall joints, providing a strong, seamless bond that prevents cracking and blistering. This high-quality tape is a must-have for any professional contractor or DIY enthusiast working on a drywall project.

    One of the key features of drywall joint tape is its exceptional strength and durability. The fiberglass mesh construction provides superior reinforcement to the joints, ensuring they remain smooth and even over time. This strength also helps protect against any potential damage or wear on the joints, ensuring your drywall installation remains flawless for years to come.

    In addition to its strength, drywall joint tape is also very easy to use. The self-adhesive backing makes application a breeze, allowing for quick and efficient installation on any drywall surface. The tape is also wrinkle or stretch resistant, ensuring a smooth, professional finish every time.

    Another advantage of drywall joint tape is its versatility. It works with a variety of joint compounds, including mud, plaster, and stucco, making it a convenient and adaptable option for any drywall project. Whether you’re completing a small repair or a major installation, drywall joint tape is the perfect companion for seamless, professional results.

    But the benefits of drywall seam tape don’t stop there. This versatile tape is also mildew-resistant, making it ideal for use in high-humidity areas like bathrooms and kitchens. Its superior moisture resistance ensures that your drywall installation remains in pristine condition no matter what the environment.

    Additionally, drywall joint tape is designed to save you time and effort. Its high-strength adhesive and simple application process mean you can complete your drywall finishing job in less time without sacrificing quality. For contractors and DIY enthusiasts, this could be a game-changer, resulting in faster project completion and increased productivity.

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