Coated Glass Facer for High-Performance Structural Enhancement

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Coated Glass Facer is a product made by vertically disordered laying and directional bonding of a certain length of glass fibers, with a mineral based coating on its surface. Mainly used for the surface of stone slabs, it has fire, waterproof, and mold resistant properties, while improving the strength of gypsum boards and replacing gypsum protective paper, with excellent performance.

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Coated Glass Facer is a unique, dense nonwoven mat. The glass fibers are oriented in a random pattern and bonded together with an acrylic resin binder in a wet laid process. The density and composition of the bonded glass fibers form a product with smooth surface qualities, moisture and penetration resistance.

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  • Coated glass facer is a high-quality material manufactured specifically for commercial and residential building projects. It’s made from high-density fiberglass and coated with a durable protective coating, making it weather, moisture and impact resistant.

    This product is an essential component for any builder or contractor looking to ensure the longevity and structural integrity of their projects. Buildings are exposed to harsh environmental conditions, such as strong winds, rain, and UV radiation, which can cause aging and damage over time. Coated glass facer serve as the first line of defense against the elements, helping to maintain the structural integrity of a building while retaining its aesthetic appeal.

    One of the main advantages of coated glass facer is their exceptional durability. The fiberglass core provides exceptional strength and rigidity, while a protective coating enhances its resistance to water, chemicals and physical impact. This allows the material to withstand the harshest conditions, making it ideal for exterior wall cladding, roofing and other applications where protection and longevity are critical.

    In addition to durability, coated glass facer offer exceptional versatility. It can easily adapt to a variety of building designs and styles, making it a highly flexible option for builders and architects. The product is available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses and can be customized to meet specific project requirements. Whether used for new construction or renovation projects, coated glass facer provides a reliable and cost-effective solution to enhance the overall performance and appearance of a building.

    Additionally, coated glass facer is designed with ease of installation in mind. Its lightweight and flexible nature allows for straightforward handling and installation, reducing installation time and labor costs. It can be easily cut, bent and shaped to fit the contours of a building, making it an efficient and practical choice for construction professionals.

    As a company committed to sustainability, we are proud to offer coated glass facer as an environmentally friendly option for building projects. The material is recyclable and contains no hazardous materials, making it an eco-conscious choice for builders looking to minimize their impact on the environment.

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