Strengthening Marketing Ability, Agglomerating Market Development

Recently, the "Customer Service Manager Training" was launched at Zhengwei New Materials. The training was jointly organized by the Nantong Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and the Nantong New Materials Industry Chamber of Commerce, aiming to strengthen the professional skills of marketing personnel of member enterprises, help our city's internal and external market development, and achieve economic development goals.

More than 60 marketing personnel from the company participated in this training. Through professional training provided by professional teachers online and offline, we aim to enhance the professional level and ability of marketing personnel in serving and managing customers, enhance customer satisfaction, and help enterprises establish a better image and brand.

Deputy Director of Marketing, Ge Rufeng, stated that this training will help improve the business capabilities of the company's marketing personnel. By systematically integrating and utilizing various marketing resources and tools, strengthening internal marketing management, leveraging the comprehensive power of marketing, and ultimately achieving a win-win situation between the enterprise and customers through overall collaborative efforts.


Post time: Mar-31-2023