Gu Qingbo Hosted the Economic Situation Analysis Report Meeting in Our City

On the afternoon of June 10th, an economic situation analysis report meeting organized by the Rugao Development and Reform Commission and the Entrepreneurs Association was held in the report hall on the second floor of the Municipal Administrative Center. The report meeting was chaired by Gu Qingbo, the President of the Entrepreneurs Association, the Secretary of the Party Committee of Jiuding Group, and the Chairman. More than 140 people participated in the report meeting, and leaders from relevant departments and towns (economic development zones) attended the meeting. More than 100 member enterprises participated.


This report will be presented by Sun Zhigao, Director of the Jiangsu Provincial Strategy and Development Research Center and Director of the Provincial Information Center, with the theme of "Strengthening Innovation Driven and Promoting High Quality Development". Director Sun conducted a detailed analysis from three aspects: grasping the background of the times, strengthening innovation driven, and promoting industrial transformation. He deeply interpreted the strategic direction determined in the report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and analyzed the importance of innovation driven economic and social development in the context of the new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation, summarizing the new logic of industrial development.


In his report, Director Sun particularly reminded enterprises to have "extreme thinking" towards the difficulties they face, to have sufficient ideological preparation, and to have clear predictions and practical contingency plans in the face of economic globalization and the continuous and rapid evolution of the industrial division of labor pattern; To elevate the awareness of "innovation" to an unprecedented level, only enterprise teams that dare to challenge the "ceiling" can win, and mid to low-end products cannot win the market; In the era of great waves and sand washing, the will and beliefs of entrepreneurs are crucial. Only with strong perseverance and high-level technology can we help entrepreneurs overcome difficulties; To cultivate and strengthen high-quality innovation carriers, enhance the level of collaborative innovation, and come up with truly attractive personnel incentive policies; We need to have a new logical thinking for industrial development, pay attention to the construction of enterprise group development platforms, and work hard on "specialization, refinement, and innovation" to comprehensively enhance the ability of enterprises to resist risks and sudden changes.


Director Sun's report resonated strongly with the attendees, and they felt that they had not heard such a tangible report for a long time. It broadened their horizons, clarified their thoughts, strengthened their willpower, and boosted their confidence.


Chairman Gu Qingbo pointed out that holding this report will help the business community continue to promote the high-quality development of the Rugao industry, encourage and guide enterprises to enhance confidence. Especially Director Sun Zhigao's analysis of the economic situation helps entrepreneurs present break their thinking patterns, accurately grasp future development trends, and thus make correct strategic judgments in the development of enterprises. Taking this report meeting as an opportunity, Rugao entrepreneurs will make positive contributions to the high-quality construction of Nantong Cross River Integrated Development Model Zone in our city.

Post time: Jun-17-2023